Manufacturing Solution Supplier!

Manufacturing Solution Supplier of full-range and combined LED lighting products (LED Lighting Sources, LED Indoor Lightings and LED Outdoor Lightings in General Engineering Marketing fields, to drive and develop Specialty Area or Customized LED lighting products in Niche Marketing fields.

Manufacturing Solution Supplier!

LUMILIFE Project Quality System!

Projects' market requires "LONG-LIFE" and "DESIGNATED": (1). Projects requires to light 10-24 hours per day with 3~5 years warranty, which are much different from Retail market's 1-5hours use to light with no warranty or less than 1 year warrany; (2). Customers always make designated requirements, which could hardly get in retail market.

LUMILIFE Project Quality System!

Patented 'SnapIN' LED T8 Tube!

"SnapIN" LED T8 Tube is patented since 2012: (1)."SnapIN" means the driver could be easily replaced; (2)."SnapIN" design is born for quality warranty assurance; (3).It could save big maintenance and warranty cost; (4).5 Years Warranty. (5).SKD Assembly time could be less than 40s only per person.


Specialty LOW-THD Series Products!

"LOW-THD" is for power quality solution: (1).LOW-THDu<3% and LOW-THDi<10%; (2).Interference Hazard Reduction for Precision Testing Facilities and Signal Transmission; (3).LED Tube Light, LED Bulb Light, LED Down Light, LED Ceiling Light and LED Triproof Light; (4).Application of Hospital, Laboratory, and Airport, Subway, Financial Center etc...

Specialty LOW-THD Series Products!

LED Camping Light Kits-3 Bars!

ODM/OEM LED Camping Light Kits-3 Bars: (1).3pcs LED Bars, 12V/2A; (2).Dimmer and Remoter; (3).100-240VAC TUV Adapter, 5M; (4).Car-lighter to 5521, 5M; (5).5521 to 5521, 3M; (6).IP44 Report. (7).CE,ROHS

LED Camping Light Kits-3 Bars!



Name: Truman Feng(Feng Lichun)
Sex: Male
Birthday: 1980.02.12

Education: Undergraduate, Dual Degree(Business English, Computer)
School: Northeast China Electric Power University 
Company: Ningbo Yinzhou Lumilife Lighting Co., Ltd.
Title: Managing Director, General Manager 

Working Experiences:

1. During 2005-2006: Neo-Neon LED Lighting lntenational Ltd.(Guangdong)
Title: Sales Assistant -> Sales Excutive -> Sales Manager
Products: LED Lightings, LED Decorative
Sales Value: $6,000,000/Year

2. During 2007: Smart International Trading Co., Ltd.
Title: Sales Manager
Products: Hardwares, Aluminum Extrusion, Scaffold Working Platform
Sales Value: $2,000,000

3. During 2008: Ningbo Futai Electrical Co., Ltd.
Title: Sales Manager
Products: New LED Tubes
Sales Value: $300,000(New Products Promotion)

4. During 2009-2010: with other three partners, we established our own company: GTKLED
Title: Marketing Director
Products: LED Lightings

5. During 2010-Now: with another one partner, we established our own company: LUMILIFE
a. Since 2010, with customers requirements, we did all researching and production. As all things were new, we have no direction and many issues were coming.
b. Since 2011, we are based on the direction of all customers requirements, not the direction of marketing. We have no direction of the products by ourselves. The result is that all products are new and products series are complicated. Most of our customers were disappeared because of many changes and unstable for new.
c. Since 2012, analyzing all inquiries, we started to settle down LED lighting sources by ourselves and accumulated a series interesting products, like SnapON, CFL, and bulbs. Products were stabler and stabler.
d. Since 2013, we start to use Five Elements Management in our workshop and improve production system.
e. Since 2014, Sales goes to an obvious breakthrough. A feeling pushed us to be a very clear business model and company direction(CBSM).
f. Since 2015, we realized CBSM model and Tailing Rule, and did Projects Market positioning. Meanwhile, we had adapted "Internet Plus" and been ahead of it.
g. Since 2016, we started another seires as LED Indoor/Outdoor Luminaires, Solar LED Lights, DMX LED Studio Lights and DMX LED Digital Lights.

Life Reflections:

1. 2012-02, I believe in China Taoism with Five Elements Management(Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood). I believe in this for use of my Family, Lumilife Establishment, and our Workshop.

2. 2015-09, none of the famous companies could do all of the market with all competitive products, then we have market. None of the famous companies could do all series products in the industry, then we have market. None of the famous companies could do all world certifications for all of their products, then we have market. 

3. 2016-02, China people said "2" means "Silly", "Stupid". China people said "8" means "Rich". China people said "10" means "Perfect". I have to say here that we have to do "market" as "2" as a start; We have to do "Products" as "2" as a start; We have to do "Production" as "2" as a start; We have to do "Executive Direction" as "2" as a start. "Stupid is as stupid do is!" Once the four "2" doing well, we could be as "8" as a rich man. If we also do "management as "2" as a start, we could be as "10" as a perfect! Don't be always spouting theory and don't be always thinking. If we always think "8" and "10" first, we will be "2" in future.

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